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Hawke's Bays Social Media Specialists


About Centre Fire Social Media

Welcome to Centre Fire Social Media – your Napier-based experts in social media management and solutions.

We specialize in tailoring plans to fit every business type and size. Whether you're a busy sole trader or a growing enterprise, we've got a plan that suits your needs.

Why Choose Us:

Expertise: Our experience lets us stay ahead of trends to deliver top-notch results.

Personalization: We customize strategies to match your unique goals and audience.

Flexibility: No need to hire for a specific role – our plans cover it all.

Discover Our Plans:

Explore our range of comprehensive solutions, from content creation to engagement and analytics.

Ready to Ignite Your Social Media Presence?

Contact us today and let Centre Fire Social Media boost your online success.

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Basic Plan

$250+GST per week

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Advanced plan 

$450+GST per week

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Premium Plan

$675+GST per week


Terrific Partnerships

We have a very simple yet powerful mission

 We believe in doing excellent work with clients. From ideation to implementation, we communicate closely with everyone we work with to ensure great results.


Check out some of our clients below.

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Kaliber Designs 

Huge growth - Advanced Plan 

At Centre Fire Social Media, we've established a close partnership with Kaliber Designs to maintain and strengthen their robust social media presence.

Through our collaborative efforts, we've witnessed remarkable growth in content engagement and sales over the duration of our collaboration.

Notably, their Facebook reach has surged by over 200%, translating to a significant increase in sales and inquiries for their brand. This achievement is a testament to our dedicated approach and effective strategies.

Moreover, Kaliber Designs has gained more than 1000 new followers on Facebook and an additional 300 on Instagram within the past 5 months alone. This rapid growth reflects the positive impact of our tailored solutions on their audience engagement and brand visibility.

As proud social media partners, we are delighted to hear feedback such as: "Highly recommended, it takes all the pressure off me and I can focus on running my business."

This endorsement underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive and effective social media management services.


Power Farming HB

A Big Win for Our Customer - Advanced Plan 

Since assuming control of daily posting on the Power Farming HB page, we've witnessed remarkable growth for the business. The impact was profound: more leads to demo days, increased inquiries, and stronger customer relations—just to scratch the surface.

What was initially conceived as a platform for posting deliveries and expressing gratitude to customers has evolved into a powerhouse of potential. The online presence we've cultivated goes beyond expectations, delivering results that span beyond the imaginable.

Our strategic approach has transformed the Power Farming HB page into a hub of engagement, interaction, and business expansion. With our expertise, your online presence can become a driving force for your brand's success.


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